Specialty in machinery design and manufacturing

DongGuan Huen Yi Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Head Company: Taiwan Huen Chen Machinery Co., Ltd. Located in Taichung, Taiwan
Huen Chen has 35-year experiences in manufacturing processing machines. The legacy has allowed us to carve a niche in our field as both a professional manufacturer and a competitive exporter. Our processing machines, such as riveting machines, snap fastening machines, eyeleting machines, and stationary machines; cutting machines, heading machines and grinding machines, are widely applies in suitcase industry, baby carriage, shoes, stationary, auto parts, hand tool, metal hardware, leather, furniture, handbag, case and living goods industries…etc.

Efficiency, quality, large output

Huen Chen endeavors in developing our machinery toward precision, Huen Chen has been committed at offering a solution to efficiency, quality and large output at a competitive price to you.

Production Line Planning

With a diversity of machines at your choice, Huen Chen is capable of planning a production line from the scratch for our customers.

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